Challah For Hunger

Challah for Hunger is a national organization that was created to empower students on university campuses across the country to bake challah bread and raise awareness for social justice issues locally and abroad. Half of the profit is given to Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger and the other half is given to an organization of each chapter’s choosing. The UA Challah for Hunger chapter will be donating 50% of its profits to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Come by Thursday nights just to bake or get more involved by becoming part of the E-Board.



CatPAC is a pro-Israel student organization that seeks to promote love and appreciation for Israel through campus activities. CatPAC student leaders provide Arizona students with educated and factual information regarding Middle Eastern affairs, enabling students to expand their knowledge and opinions, and to become politically and socially active in Middle Eastern public affairs.


Leibson Engagement Internship

The Liebson Engagement Internship (LEI) is comprised of UA students from a wide variety of majors who use their skills to carry forward the vision for Jewish life at the University of Arizona. This group is the backbone of Hillel and is the root of building the Hillel family. Major duties include making sure Shabbat runs smoothly, the Holocaust Memorial Vigil, event planning, and advertising. Working in tandem with UA Hillel and other Jewish organizations, Interns are charged with building the Jewish community on campus.


Big/Little Program

Hillel Big/Little Program will offer every incoming Jewish freshman the opportunity to tap into the benefits of being a member of the Hillel Jewish community. In particular, the strength of this program will rely upon having ‘bigs’ in place who have previously had experience mentoring or have reaped the benefits of Jewish involvement, or both.

Another exciting component of the program is the opportunity to be the face of Hillel that is presented to campus newcomers. This is especially pertinent to those of you who are already involved in leadership at Hillel, and are looking to further develop your leadership skills alongside others who wish to become more engaged. Additionally, you will be responsible for creating a welcoming environment for your ‘littles;’ one that will cause them to always consider Hillel a place in which they can feel a sense of belonging and community.

wildcats for israel.jpg

Wildcats for Israel

This club is a team of pro-Israel students that are either interns or leaders in other pro-Israel clubs. The club also has a general body that is open to all students. General body members are part of sub-committees of the other pro-Israel organizations.